My name is Yoni Binstock and I'm an XR developer, product manager, team leader and I love creating immersive experiences using augmented and virtual reality.

I have experience with Three.js, A-Frame, WebXR API, 8th Wall, Snapchat Lens Studio, Spark AR Studio, and Zapworks Studio. In addition, I have been responsible for managing the DevOps, QA, and development teams.

I am also the author of two books "What is Virtual Reality?" and "What is Augmented Reality?"

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What I Can Do For You

Yoni Binstock
Augmented Reality

I've worked with social AR platforms like Spark AR Studio and Lens Studio and I've used 8th Wall and Zappar to create world and image tracking experiences.

Yoni Binstock
Virtual Reality

I've built applications using Unity for the Google Cardboad, WebVR programs using A-Frame and Three.js, and organized VR events in Mozilla Hubs and AltspaceVR.

Yoni Binstock
Front End Development

I've also continued to develop front end experiences with the latest CSS and Javascript frameworks including TypeScript and React.