About Me

l attended Rollins College and majored in Political Science and minored in International Business. Post-graduation, I spent a summer volunteering in a rural India building a school and teaching English where I met my current wife. I attended Boston University graduate school and received a MA in Energy and Environmental Analysis.

I remained in Boston as the Operations Coordinator at DailyFeats, a web startup committed in helping people do good in their everyday life. After working there for a year, I launched Climate Scores, a website that grades congressmen on climate change legislation.

I then joined Ashoka in Washington D.C. where I managed their online fundraising efforts and Gen Y outreach. I left to organized TEDxRosslyn and then to travel the United States and Europe for several months.

I came to the Bay area to work at Mosaic in PR where I had the opportunity to organize a Google Hangout with Billy Parish and Bill McKibben sponsored by Google Plus. I then worked at SolarCity in sales and at Change.org in business development.

Now, I’m working on Goodnight Chrome, a chrome extension that helps people disconnect at night from the internet and learning how to code at General Assembly.